Re[2]: Options for inclusion of SVG and MathML in OpenReader format?

Deepak, R. (Masatran, R.) wrote:
> Jon Noring wrote:

>> So what mechanism(s) do the SVG and MathML experts recommend for
>> inclusion of "islands" of SVG and MathML markup within XHTML 1.1
>> documents? Also, do SVG and MathML provide their own media fallback
>> mechanisms [see note below], or will we need to provide that?

> Inline MathML and SVG do not provide fallback mechanisms.

Thanks. This may necessitate us to customize either the markup or the
OEBPS Package to add fallback assignment capability.

Has fallback assignment capability ever been considered for SVG? If
so, why was it rejected?

>> (I recall seeing an attempt at an XHTML+SVG+MathML DTD/Schema. I also
>> recall reading that using the <object> tag for inclusion of SVG and
>> MathML is not recommended. Are my recollections correct?)

> An XHTML + MathML + SVG Profile (W3C Working Draft 9 August 2002):
> 3.1.  XHTML as the Host Language
> <>.
> Mozilla browsers handle XHTML and MathML, but not SVG.


Looking over the working draft I notice it has not moved forward for
about three years. Anyone know the timetable towards Recommendation?
Also, if this project had started today rather than 3+ years ago,
would the specification be substantively quite different?

To address your last comment, doesn't the new Opera 8 now support SVG?

Jon Noring

Received on Saturday, 7 May 2005 14:15:47 UTC