MKM 2005 (Mathematical Knowledge Management) first Call for Papers

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             *** CALL FOR WORKSHOP PROPOSALS ***

                          MKM 2005

              Fourth International Conference on


           15. - 16. July 2005 (Workshops: 14. July)
                     Bremen --- Germany

Mathematical Knowledge Management is a new field in the intersection
of mathematics and computer science.

We need new techniques for managing the enormous volume of
mathematical knowledge available in current mathematical sources and
making it available through the new developments in information
technology. A list of topics (to be understood as specialized to the
realm of mathematical information) comprises but is not restricted to:

Knowledge representation     Repositories of formalized mathematics
Metadata                     Deduction systems
Data mining                  Computer Algebra Systems
Digital libraries            Authoring languages and tools
Searching and retrieving     Interactive learning
Languages of mathematics     Web presentation of mathematics
Math assistants              MathML- and XML-based standards

Workshops have a key role in the MKM conference. They provide an ideal
platform for the presentation of preliminary work or novel ideas in a
less formal way than the conference itself. They also are an
opportunity to disseminate work in progress, particularly for new
researchers. Workshops also provide a venue for presenting more
specialized topics and opportunities for more intensive discussions,
exchange of ideas, and project collaboration.

Workshops will take place at the conference site (International
University Bremen) on the day before the main conference.  The
workshop organizers are responsible for the program, all local
arrangements will be organized by the conference.

To propose a workshop, please send an e-mail with title and abstract

Michael Kohlhase
    Prof. Dr. Michael Kohlhase,         Office: Research 1, Room 62
    Professor for Computer Science      Campus Ring 12,
    School of Engineering & Science     D-28758 Bremen, Germany
    International University Bremen     tel/fax: +49 421 200-3140/-493140 <>


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