Re: HTML (not XHTML) with MathML embedded

It would be possible to derive an SGML rather than XML based DTD for
MathML (and so use SGML syntax such as <log> rather than <log/> )
and then use that it the SGML based HTML DTD but

a) I don't think any MathML system (including Mozilla's renderer) would
understand the resulting markup unless it was first converted to XML and

b) I don't think anyone has yet made such a DTD. (I thought at one time
that such a DTD might be useful for DocBook or TEI integration but both
those languages moved towards XML so the necessity of an SGML compatible
DTD version seemed to go away)

Of course some systems do have a notion of "xml islands" within an html
document but I don't know whether it's really possible to build any
system that conforms to any standards that uses such a device. It may be
possible to build an SGML declaration that allows the use of
SGML-notation empty elements (<br> <hr>) in some parts of the document
and XML notation empty elements (<log/> <sin/> elsewhere) but I haven't
seen anyone attempt this.

Google led me to
which suggests that xhtml support in composer might be in the pipeline,
this would be the best solution, rather than mathml-in-html, I think.


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