Re: When to stretch parentheses

Hello Stephan,

On Fri, 2004-01-30 at 12:50, Semirat Stephan wrote:
> However, when you write the formula by hand on a paper (i think that \
is > what to be expected by a "good" renderer, isn't it ? that is to be
> most readable possible) you only stretch parenthesis with what they 
> contain, do you ?
> So my view is that Mozilla has made the good choice...

One of the reasons why mathml markup should be properly grouped is that
software cannot choose in general what is a "good" rendering. With
properly grouped markup both Amaya and Mozilla would render the formula
correctly (the parentheses would stretch only to span the height of the
CM string), still being compliant with the spec. So, although Mozilla
has made the good choice, it has a little bug. 


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