Re: When to stretch parentheses


> However, when you write the formula by hand on a paper (i think that is
> what to be expected by a "good" renderer, isn't it ? that is to be the 
> most readable possible) you only stretch parenthesis with what they 
> contain, do you ?
> So my view is that Mozilla has made the good choice...

I think you confuse two issues.  Given that MathML explicitly
specifies that the parentheses must stretch to cover the fraction in
this case, Mozilla merely contains a bug -- it is not a question of

What you really meant to say is that you think MathML has made a bad
design choice.  There are, of course, arguments on both sides.  Luca
has given one argument supporting the choice in MathML.  You argue for
a different design.  But, for implementors of MathML renders, the
point is moot.


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Received on Friday, 30 January 2004 12:57:53 UTC