Re: Java API for MATHML

On Tuesday 18 February 2003 05:50 pm, Robert Miner wrote:
> Hi.
> > I'm looking for a simple Java API for the "Content Markup" part of
> > MathML. I want to read formulas in MathML from a database and compute
> > them with parameters given by the user. Something like jeks
> > ( but with the option to read
> > from MathML. Does anybody know an implementation?
> Perhaps you are looking for an open source solution, but the
> forthcoming commercial WebEQ Developers Suite version 3.5 will have
> that functionality.  There are limitations on what can be computed,
> but basically, there is an evaluator component that can take in a
> MathML expression representing a real-valued function of several
> variable and evaluates it for a choice of the bound variables.  It can
> also be set up to evaluate a parameter over a range, etc to produce a
> graph and so on.
> Version 3.5 is still in beta, but if you would like to evaluate its
> capabilities, write to me off the list, and I can add you to the beta
> program.

Sir Robert,

Although it looks interesting for an amount of task... do I understand that 
you're opening the door to yet another system with possibly, say, yet another 
interpretation of the arccos ?


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