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On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Charlet Reedstrom wrote:

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> Subject: zero vector
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> I am looking for a way to notate the n-dimensional zero vector.  You
> can't use the vector tag with many zeros since the number of zeros is
> unknown. I am told this is normally displayed as a bold zero.  I am
> inclined to use <cn type='vector'>0</cn>, but this doesn't seem to be
> allowed according to the spec.  Any suggestions?

One could create a zero_vector OpenMath symbol (or equivalent), taking one
argument (sibling in the XML tree), for the length. Then refer to this
with a MathML semantics or csymbol element.


P.S. info on OpenMath may be obtained at
P.P.S this zero vector symbol should probably go in the content dictionary
linalg6, this may be contributed from the OpenMath contribution page:

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