Re: S/W for Content Markup


Leonardo B. Lopes wrote:

> What you are looking for, as far as sw for writing MathML, is probably one
> of two things:
> 	1) Maple, Mathematica, or some other system that can output
> the expressions you are interested in as content mathml.
> 	2) A library implementing the MathML DOM, which would help you to
> write MathML from your application. I'd actually be curious to know what
> is the status on that. If no such library is currently available, you
> could probably implement the subset relevant to you using xerces or some
> other general DOM implementation.

You could also use the WebEQ Equation Editor to output content
expressions.  You can get a 30 day demo copy from  It's part of the WebEQ Developers Suite.

Depending on the kind of application you are writing, you could also
use the WebEQ MathML DOM implementation as Leo suggests.  The
Developers Suite contains a viewer applet and an editor applet, both
of which support the DOM, and can be scripted in a Web page.  Of
course it would also be possibile to use the underlying libraries
directly, but the programmers API is not part of the eval


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