Re: [Moderator Action] mathml and latex

Cristian Bernareggi writes:

> Is there any online documentation about the relation between latex
> and mathml?

I'm not aware of a great deal of documentation comparing both
languages. There is always the "Origins and Goals" (1.2) section of
MathML2, which gives a little bit of bacground.

> Is there any tool to convert from latex to mathml and viceversa?

There is a section on MathML and TeX conversion in the Implementation
and Interoperability report at

The W3C math home page ( also lists conversion
software: Webtex, TtHMML, WebEQ. I must say I haven't tested any, so I
can't tell you what they're worth.

The Math Working Group is also working on conversions between
mathematical formats, including TeX, as is announced in its charter

> As I'm blind I'm interested also in MathML and Braille. I
> read about a working group on Voice and xml but I'm particularly
> interested in Braille output. Is there any working group about it?

There is BraMaNet, a piece of software that converts MathML to French
Mathematical Braille. The page is at

Searching for "MathML Braille" in google returns several interesting
sites, suck as a Canadian "MathML accessibility project"
( to develop a
mathematical audio browser (MAB).  The page lists a few projects on
expressing mathematics with Braille.

Hope this helps,


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