Re: Character number not in the document character set

David Carlisle <> writes:

> This is code for
> I am using sp (or an sp based parser such as nsgmls) as my parser,
> and sp has a documented non-conforming feature in that it does not
> support unicode characters above 2^16.

Sadly it seems that the development effort at OpenJade is lagging;
internationalization is a particularly important need there.

> which any entities un the Ux1D... range, or use a conforming XML parser,
> such as rxp.

The last time I looked an SP ESIS was not an output option.  That
would be a good thing if it were done in a way that is compatible with
the internationalized ESIS that eventually emerges from OpenSP.

                                    -- Bill

Received on Tuesday, 8 January 2002 10:08:34 UTC