RE: Assignment Vs conditions

I have an idea...  How about using the apply element as the following:


Where the above means, "Apply y to x," or "Make x the value of y," or "x=y".
This method may need to have the apply element extended to support this.

Still, this makes sense when translated into words (to me at last)!

Jimmy Cerra

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Maybe I'm mistaken in what <declare> means in MathML, but in general there
is a big difference between assignment and declaration. If you declare
something, the declaration holds forever (in the declaration scope), while
you can reassign a value. You can emulate declarations via assignments, but
not the other way around.

Therefore it doesn't seem to me a good idea to use <declare> for
assignments. This would be a misuse of the <declare> operator, though I
understand that the MathML language probably dosn't offer a better


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> I thank all of you for our quick and comprehensive reply.
> I'm writing and equation processor and this was the major
> stumbling block
> for me.
> I've decided to use <declare> for assignment. Although the
> problem remains
> that it is not
> rendered as per specification. However IBM Techexplorer plugin for IE
> renders <declare>.
> I agree with Tim when he writes
> "I do find it somewhat puzzling that the same element should
> be used for
> both mere declarations and definitions, but not rendered. Giving an
> identifier a value is probably significant for what follows,
> so omitting
> the fact when presenting the content to a human seems likely to cause
> confusion"
> I've facing problems with IE plugins in displaying MathML content.
> Both Techexplorer and mathplayer does not display the content
> markup example
> shown in the
> website
> I think that the XSL mathml.xsl is doesn't work correctly.
> Has anyone faced
> similar problems with these plugins?
> Are there any other good plugins available?

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