Re: Best way to implement sup/sub???

David Carlisle <> writes:

> > I'm writing a JavaScript program to translate MathML(1.01)-Presentation
> > into HTML4, 
> None of them really worked as I want (having used TeX for 15 years, it's
> hard to live with dubious superscript positioning:-)
> ...
> but browser implementation limitations mean that I stopped using it in
> the main (I had some examples which worked fine until I put them in a
> table, then all the css-positioned supscripts from _anywhere_ in the
> document all aligned themselves overprinted along the first line of the
> page....... 

To reach the widest audience using old tools with HTML4 so that the
content can be understood accurately, pseudo-TeX is more reliable.
Use braces liberally where ambiguity in interpretation would otherwise

Accurate delivery is far more important than the minimization of

                                    -- Bill

Received on Friday, 12 April 2002 07:47:02 UTC