Re: mathml test suite

> The rendering is faked.  It was made from the MML2 spec, and in turn,
> that was made from proprietary images from Unicode.

Actually the character images of the plane 1 characters in the spec were
made by pdftex. (and converted to png with image magic convert) 

They use a set of fonts and/or macros that I er constructed.
The fonts (made by modifying metafont parameters to get the
right combinations of slant/serif etc) are good enough to generate the
png images in the spec, but probably not very high quality for use in
documents. (Where possible I used the freely available type1 tex fonts)

Some of the bold versions are done by overprinting rather than a real
bold font.

There are a nicer set of images at unicode site but we didn't use them
as that would not have been compatible with their distribution conditions.

For the alphanumerics in plane 1:
in particular

And for the new symbols in plane 0:


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