Re: mathml test suite

Hi John,

> i see that the tests for character entities start first with
> a jpeg showing a rendering of each character in the 
> group.  but no mention is made of the system that 
> generated  these characters -- this should be clearly
> stated -- is it Amaya, Netscape, webeq or latex ???

The rendering is faked.  It was made from the MML2 spec, and in turn,
that was made from proprietary images from Unicode.  There are a
number of codepoints that don't have glyphs in *any* widely available
fonts as far as I know, though there are a couple efforts underway to
make comprehensive math fonts.

> then there is the mathml tags to test a browser's rendering
> but this code is surrounded by <pre> </pre>  which 
> turns off rendering!!!  So to use the page as a test
> one must make a local copy and remove the <pre> element [snip]

That is why there is a link directly to .mml and .xhtml versions of
the tests.  One needs all three -- so people can cut and paste from a
web page into an external application, and so that browsers can be
directly tested, both on straight MathML and MathML mixed with XHTML.
Maybe we could make this clearer somehow.


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Received on Thursday, 4 January 2001 10:42:41 UTC