Re: incremental change in MathML

> Hi everyone,
> I'm studying the latest Working Draft of MathML. In section (style
> change) it says that the only exception to the inheritance mechanism of
> attribute values "is when the value given on the begin tag is documented as
> specifying an incremental change to the value inherited".
> Indeed, the "scriptlevel" attribute in mstyle can specify an incremental
> change. Are there any other attributes such this one?
> I believe that the % (percentage) unit in a unit-value is not to be
> considered an incremental change, is this correct?
> Thanks in advance,
> regards,
> luca p.

In most cases, '%' is an incremental change.  Eg,

<mstyle fontsize='20pt'>
	<mi fontsize='50%'> x </mi>

The 'x' would be rendered in 10pt.

mstyle is used to override default and inherited values. Anytime a
percentage refers to the inherited value (which might be inherited from
some global default such as a possible operator dictionary), then mstyle
can be used to change the value that is inherited, and hence the value
used by the '%'.

	Neil Soiffer

Received on Friday, 31 March 2000 13:15:16 UTC