Re: MathML2 2nd WD (long)

Thanks for your detailed comments. We'll try to catch the editorial
fixes as we edit the drafts... but a couple of the more substantive

> -- min,max:  the following unique property of min/max is a
> singularly bad idea and should be removed: 

There is a general principle of not breaking MathML 1.x as far as
possible so while we can look at this again, it is harder to get changes
in this area than to features that are being introduced for MathML2,
whose syntax is not so finalised.

> -- Highschool textbooks commonly use float notation for
> rational numbers (some examples are given in the MathML recommendation).
> ...Is there an easy way to do this in MathML? 

you can specify the rational-to-float translation in a stylesheet, or
you can attach a MathML presentation to a content rational number
using the semantics element. I am not sure if the answer to your
question is yes or no. How easy is easy?

> -- 5.3.3   Hey, does this mean OpenMath now has xref?  Great!  Last I knew
> we had a big discussion and this was tabled.  The last OpenMath draft I
> saw didn't have it, unfortunately.

No:-) The OpenMath discussion was about using XML idref techniques to
implement sharing of subterms within an OpenMath object. This is linking
from OpenMath to (and from) MathML so is out of scope of the OpenMath
standard. Probably the final version of that example should use 
linking attributes from another namespace (xlink, or perhaps mathml)
and it is allowed in OpenMath by virtue of a comment in the OM standard
that basically says that if OpenMath is embedded in another document
type you may need to put extra markup on the elements which should be
removed (or ignored) if that markup is removed from the document and
passed to an OpenMath application.


Received on Tuesday, 11 January 2000 12:25:55 UTC