RE: Method to get math to the most people?

On Sat, 18 Dec 1999, Roger Blake wrote:

> Ian Hutchinson wrote:
> >MathML does not work with any popular browser yet, and there seems little
> >prospect of it being incorporated soon into IE.
> Depends what you mean by soon, and on what degree of typographic perfection
> you require of the rendering. I know of at least one company that has worked
> on stylesheets for MathML in IE5 and believe this work has progressed
> substantially, although not yet available.

Depends what you mean by "incorporated". Anything that requires a reader
explicitly to install some new package on their browser is in practice
inaccessible to the general reader. If you have to send a whole stylesheet
to translate the MathML into native layout with every page, the mind
boggles as to how cumbersome it would be.


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