excess inventory we need to sell

Found your name and email address while searching the web. I figured that programmers would know what to do with this product. we have other products available but this represents inventory that we need to move. Pricing is well below distribution. Here is the list of titles that we are trying to sell before Xmas. Pricing is somewhat negotiable depending on the quantity.. We come across a lot of software like this but this is what we have in stock. Call me if you have any question 912-826-1311


228-00325	Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 5 Client Full Retail Box		7.00	pieces	$1050

228-00327	Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 25 Client Full Retail Box		9.00	pieces	$1,800	

810-00205	Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Enterprise 25 Client Full Retail Box		26.00	pieces	$6,500

048-00210	Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Pro Full Retail Box		13.00	pieces	$275

628-00403	Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Full Retail Box With Y2k		12.00	pieces	$1100	

Received on Friday, 17 December 1999 20:42:37 UTC