Re: MathML capable browser


> Do they have a DTD for HTML and MathML merged?

You would have to ask them.  I know their browser components have a
good reputation for sticking closely to W3 recommendations, and I
believe they just implemented the suggestion from chapter 7 of the
MathML spec.  But whether or not they actually use a merged DTD
internally I couldn't say.

> Don't you mean native XML support?  (Do you think world really cares
> about math?  Wasn't the html3.0 experience sufficiently clear?)

No and no.  I understand the mainstream browsers are working on XML
support in a big way as a matter of course, but they are also working
(or at least facilitating) direct MathML implementations.  

> What are the terms for use of the component library by others?
> Has it seen the glare of daylight?  

Three minutes of web browsing would answer your question.  Their
license is online at

It seems to be good enough for a fairly lengthy list of customers,
including Oracle.


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