MathML capable browser

Hello everyone.

I thought people might be interested in checking out the e-Lite
browser from ICESoft AS.  E-Lite is an ultra lightweight Java web
browser with native MathML support.  You can download it at

It is a commercial product ($30) but you can try it free of charge for
30 days.

E-Lite uses built-in WebEQ technology to render embedded MathML
fragments, delimited by <math> ... </math> tags.   At this point,
E-Lite is using WebEQ 2.2, so it is not quite full MathML
compatibility, and there are still alignment problems, etc.

However, you can expect much improved MathML rendering soon, as WebEQ
2.3 is integrated in to E-Lite.

ICESoft just won an award at JavaWorld for their browser component
(their main business is licensing Java browser component technology).
You can read more about it at


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Received on Wednesday, 9 December 1998 17:41:12 UTC