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On Thu, 24 Jun 1999, Qiang Lv wrote:

> Hi all,
> I failed to configure a mirror site under a normal Jigsaw server. Here
> are my steps:
> 1. start jigadm.
> 2. add a VirtualHostResource named "mirror" under docs_space.
> 3. attach proxyMirrorFrame named "sample" to "mirror".
> 4. edit attributes of "sample", such as "mirror=http://mynewhost".
> then, in my understanding, "http://myjigsawserver/mirror/sample" will
> be the mirror URL of site "http://mynewhost". But my browser said that
> URL "was not found on this server"

VirtualHosting is the possibility to handle multiple sites using the same
server. The correct way to do this is:

Virtual (a virtual host resource with a virtualhostframe), set the
followup to root, it will be the default.
Then add the other hostname your machine have under the virtual frame

(I suppose the machine have 2 names and

  |___ maybe a Framed Resource with a Mirror Frame, or a

Then virtual should be set as being the root resource of the server (in

If you only want to mirror another server and you have one name, you
should use a framed resource with a MirrorFrame, and set in its parameters
the URL you want to mirror.
Hope this helps,

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