Jigsaw and OpenVMS

Jigsaw on OpenVMS/JDK1.1.6 platform:
I tried it.
I had some problems:

 first of all I want to say that is quite singolar that a product 
 that claim ( http://www.w3.org/Jigsaw/ )

>       The Jigsaw server will run on any machine running Java. 

has file names incompatible with the OpenVMS file name syntax: some file name
are too much long !

Also if, I think that such files  (Api programmers, documentations) 
aren't important to try Jigsaw.

I was able to install Jigsaw (java Install), but I wasn't able to run it.

Any help, or better: any future plan to have Jigsaw compatible with 
OpenVMS/JDK environment ?

Is there someone that has tried Jigsaw on OpenVMS/JDK1.1.6 platform ?

Francesco Gennai
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P.s.: MOWS is another Java based HTTP server that runs on OpenVMS/JDK
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Received on Thursday, 6 August 1998 09:27:24 UTC