Re: Jigsaw and OpenVMS

On Thu, 6 Aug 1998, Francesco Gennai wrote:

> Jigsaw on OpenVMS/JDK1.1.6 platform:
> I tried it.
> I had some problems:
>  first of all I want to say that is quite singolar that a product 
>  that claim ( )
> >Portability 
> >       The Jigsaw server will run on any machine running Java. 
>                                       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> has file names incompatible with the OpenVMS file name syntax: some file name
> are too much long !
> Also if, I think that such files  (Api programmers, documentations) 
> aren't important to try Jigsaw.

Well, the documentation is more up-to-date on the main site ( see: ), so it shouldn't be a big problem.
We already made a fix a while ago, for mac users (filename limitation
problem). Everything that was mandatory to run jigsaw uses short (well
shorter) names, and things that were too long has been put in a zip
( for example).

> I was able to install Jigsaw (java Install), but I wasn't able to run it.
> Any help, or better: any future plan to have Jigsaw compatible with 
> OpenVMS/JDK environment ?

Just saying that you were not able to run it doesn't help! What are the
symptoms? Do you have any trace?

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