[Help] Problems with Jigsaw configured as a Proxy server OR when a VirtualHost.


 I followed the instructions in /Doc/User/proxy.html in order to set up
 my server as a proxy server. The Proxy server it works fine EXCEPT that it
 fails on "servlets". The symptoms are: It takes forever to process the 
 servlet, so I stop the browser.

 [Q] Does one have to configure other rescources such as CGI-bin and SERVLETS
     differently when the server is configured as a Proxy serv ?

 [Q] Why does it take forever to process servlets when the server is
     configured as a proxy server ?

 Secondly, I reverted to the default configuration of "root"  and configured
 my server with "Virtual hosting" /Doc/User/virtual-hosting.html, however
 this fails as the DNS does not recognize the virtual host.domain I'm making
 use of.

 [Q] How does one make use of virtual hosting, without first registering
     the host.domain to an IP address in some host name server ?

  On Unix systems I suspect its sufficient for me to set that up in /etc/hosts
  file, then at least the virtual hosting will be visible from my localhost.

 [Q] Can one choose any name for their Virtualhost ?


Received on Thursday, 30 July 1998 03:26:24 UTC