SGI problems

PLEASE help!!!

I'm done coding my application that was tested under 
JSDK2.0's servletrunner. When I run the Jigsaw server it is 
unable to load one of the libraries that I am using.
The native library is the "hdf" library, servletrunner
is able to load it and make native calls successfully.

Now that I'm in the deployment phase, Jigsaw refuses to load the
library correctly. In fact, it doesn't complain about the library,
but gives me an UnsatisfiedLinkError on the library methods instead.

I'm working on an SGI. Here is my uname -a output 
IRIX64 seastorm 6.4 02121744 IP27
Java defaults to n32
The library (hdf) that I'm using is n32

Please let me know


Received on Tuesday, 21 July 1998 03:08:53 UTC