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Anselm Baird_Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> As has been mentioned in various previous mailed, I am about to start
> working on Jigsaw 2.0.
Just to make it clear:
Is this what is planned for the release on 15th of june?
Will we get some pages, documents on how to change our Resources before?

> On the first point, I would like to mention that since its first
> release (a year ago), Jigsaw has only "grow", and hasn't undergone any
> cleanup. This has hurt in various ways, as you might have seen on
> the list, and has lead to some part of the APIs under or badly
> specified.
So this cleanup means more things like:
	DirectoryResource.lookup() returns Resource, but 
	DirectoryResource.registerResource() takes only HTTPResource,
	so what about rethinking what is a Resource, HTTPResource.
Or does this CLEANUP-aspect mean more general things. Maybe you could
give an example or two, so that minds get calmed down!

> On the second point, we did realize during the workshop that Jigsaw
> resources ought to be javaBeans. I have already spent some time on
> these beans, and I am nearlyt convinced that the whole "resource
> object model" should be built on top of that. Think of resources
> duplicating some of the functionalities provided by beans
> (persistency, attributes, etc)
This does mean a greater change, but one that is worth doing it.
- Are there no problems in caching Attributes?
- There will be a change in how to program 'fast' Resource,
  won't there? (REQUEST for doc:How to write fast responding

> Now, don't be too scared:
> - The design is to remain constant (it's really more a cleanup than a
>   redesign). In particular, those of you who have spent time
>   understanding Jigsaw will be familiar with Jigsaw 2.0
All questions were mentioned above

> - This next release has to be out before a three month time frame
>   period (I will probably be able to distribute "alpha" version within
>   a month)
That was my first question: sorry!
Will there be some kind of interim public release? (I think,there won't)

> - Jigsaw is yours ! If you have comments, ideas whatever else let me
>   know, I will probably start by writing pages about what this new
>   design that should be use as a starting point for discussions
When starting writing, there is a strong request for updating and
*completing* the documentation:
How to set up Jigsaw as Proxy (for novice)
	I think it can be very short, but Jigsaw would be more popular!
How to use SSI-Commmands (for novice)
	It would be very easy to convince every user how easy a 
	web-counter could be insatlled with Jigsaw.
Optional: Design-rationale for jigsaw seen as class-library
	maybe this could make development easier, and even make
	dicussion easier.

I think, there was more to document on, but I lost it. Maybe someone
else knows what there is left undocumented?

> One of the benefits I would like to get from that redesign is the
> ability to have resources run under a generic servlet (to be provided
> with Jigsaw). This means, basically, that if you have a resource and a
> servlet-able server, you should get some fun ;-)
Won't this hurt performance of normal (native) jigsaw. 
But I like the idea very much !!

> More on that latter,
> Anselm.

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