Re: Jigsaw 2.0 !

I am very interested in seeing Jigsaw upgraded to take advantage of the
native features of 1.1 that are currently modeled to get around
deficiencies in 1.0.x. The persistence features and some of the reflective
features should make Jigsaw:

	1) more maintainable and usable - common documentation etc.
	2) more robust - the platform vendors take on a more of the support since
	     native features are used
	3) better performance potential since again a wider community will be 
	     tuning the underlying features.

Modelling resources via javaBeans seems like a sound direction.


At 07:05 PM 4/16/97 +0200, Anselm Baird_Smith wrote:
>Mark Friedman writes:
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> > My concerns have to do with quality, robustness, performance, and
> > timeliness. The current design is good enough for us right now. We were
> > depending on having that design implemented in an industrial strength
> > Jigsaw server. Does the current alpha5 (or your current snapshot) meet
> > your standards for the above criteria? If so, then I guess it's just a
> > question of renaming it 1.0 final.
>I guess that would be it (1.0alpha5 == 1.0 final)
> > What I would not like to see is creeping featuritis or creeping
> > designitis delaying a final quality release.
>I might have been unclear about it, but really this change doesn't
>involve any *design* change (ie stores, resources, filters and friends
>will remain there). Well, I guess the question would then be what
>"design" mean ;-)

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