Bugs, Features, FAQs (1-10)?

Couple of things I noticed trying to write new resources. Some of those
are definite bugs, other seem like annoying features.

1) Once you setup VirtualHost resource, an editor would not let you access
the resources sitting under VirtualHost resource (eg. MirrorDirectory).
Instead it tries to access /Admin/Editor/mirror. This problems rises from
the fact that VirtualHost resource is substituting its parent URL for its
own URL which confuses editor trying to costruct url of a resource based
on its parent's url + resource name. You can still edit the resource
directly (eg. /Admin/Editor/virtualHost/mirror), but that is not a

2) LookupState.getRemainingPath() would not put / at the end of the
directory. Therefore, if a resource uses getRemainingPath and then uses
that to proxy to the other host, it would get into infinite loop as the
redirection request by server (at least Jigsaw server) would get /
stripped off again, etc. It can be worked around by checking IsDirectory
flag and puting / at the end if it was, but I think this should be done by
Jigsaw itself.

3) This is in between a bug and FAQ entry: How can a container restrict
the children it can have. I know it is possible to do by throwing
exception during registerResource, but it is both undeclared and
non-evident.  registerResource is not declared to through any exceptions,
so the only way it to throw runtime Exception, which is a bad thing. It
works, but it is ugly. Are there any other way to do that and if there are
not, maybe there should be. After all, it could be usefull in many cases.
(eg, ServletDirectory could use that). Workaround could be to do that
during lookup time and delete the offending resource, but that could be
ugly in many caases.

4) There is no URLAttribute/URLField in standard distribution, but it
clearly would be profitable. Eg. I could not make MirrorDirectory work
until I supplied the URL in the way it wanted it. And the way I knew it
did not work was because I was getting root instead of mirror when I try
to access it. URL field that would accept only properly formed URLs would
be very nice.

 Things that were talked about, but I am not sure what the state on them

5) When I mark my field Mandatory what does it do? Does it get checked
anywhere and enforced? (FAQ?)

6) There is still an OutgoingElement class hidden in FilteredResource. As
far as I can see, it is not used anywhere and just confuses people.

7) Host names for VirtualHost require port number to be inluded.
8) Host names for VirtualHost again, should they be matched as Case
Sensetive or Case Insensetive? I am not sure HTTP1.1 standing is on host
names. If insensetive, VirtualHost should do some more work about not
letting two names for the same host, etc.

9) Should there be ErrorResponce on filters? I have tried to use
DebugFilter to check the errors on my configurations, but some of the
request just do not generate filterOut call. That could present problems
for some of the filters that do synchronization/logging as well.

10) I managed to get Jigsaw into state when it would not serve a
particular page under any circumstances and does so not by returning 400,
but by doing something real bad on the connection. I do not have steps for
reliably reproducing it, but once I get Jigsaw into that stage it stays
there. Last time it locked up on /Admin/Editor and I was able to try
accessing it in many different ways. Here are the list of responces: 
Netscape3. --" Document contains no data" in a popup error box. 
MSIE3      --"Server return invalid headers" or some such
HTTPClient --"Unexpected EOF". This one just dies.
direct telnet -- dies without returning any data.
Neither debug filter nor logs show theose requests at all.

 I think it could be something with sockets, but have no idea what it can

I am running Jigsaw(two of them in fact. :-} ) under JDK1.1 on Win95
without recompilation.

Ps. I understand that unswering this email all at once is a pain. Answers
with Q numbers in them would probably be good idea (eg."RE: bugs,

Pps. Those who know me would notice change of my email from 
alex@access.com.au to arafalov@socs.uts.edu.au . Worry not, it is still me

Received on Thursday, 27 March 1997 00:26:03 UTC