Re: servlets

At 06:35 PM 3/25/97 +0100, Anselm Baird_Smith wrote:
>Chris Tomlinson writes:
. . .
>I guess you're both trying to use the latest version of the servlet
>API (beta) which Jigsaw 1.0alpha5 doesn't support (Jigsaw was out
>before that API was delivered ;-)
>You will have to get the Jeeves1.0alpha2 servlet API

My problem was that I was not associating a ServletDirectory with an
EXISTING file system directory under the Jigsaw root. This important step
was mentioned in your note replying to Harihara Vinayak Ram earlier today.
I had simply tried to attach a ServletDirectory resource to something like
User and got the error that was referred to.

Once I attached ServletDirectory according to your note, the Java Server
SDK 1.0 beta version of stuff works - at least as far as I have tried it,
which isn't extensively. I of course had to recompile Jigsaw with the
patches that I submitted earlier.

Much happiness ensues.


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