Re: Bugs, Features, q10

>Alexandre Rafalovitch wrote:
>10) I managed to get Jigsaw into state when it would not serve a
>particular page under any circumstances and does so not by returning
>but by doing something real bad on the connection. I do not have steps
>reliably reproducing it, but once I get Jigsaw into that stage it stays

>there. Last time it locked up on /Admin/Editor and I was able to try
>accessing it in many different ways. Here are the list of responces:
>Netscape3. --" Document contains no data" in a popup error box.
>MSIE3      --"Server return invalid headers" or some such
>HTTPClient --"Unexpected EOF". This one just dies.
>direct telnet -- dies without returning any data.
>Neither debug filter nor logs show theose requests at all.

The problem of Jigsaw "stuck" on the /Admin/Editor page is very familiar
to me.
In fact, most of the times in which I change Jigsaw's configuration I
reach this
I would really like to know what's the reason for this problem.

I'm running Jigsaw as a proxy on NT4.0

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