Servlet Help

Harihara Vinayak Ram writes:
 > > Are you sure you need to extend ServletWrapper ? 
 > 	I am not sure. But my understanding on reading the documentation was
 > that this is the only way I can run Servlets under Jigsaw. Is there any other
 > way of doing this...

Wow, no ! You don't have to create new resources to run Servlets. Say
you have a servlet class named myservlet.class (reachable from your

a) In Jigsaw create a servlets subdirectory (eg
   Jigsaw/Jigsaw/WWW/servlets), and index it as a
b) Add a ServletWrapper resource to the ServletDirectory, 
c) Set the ServletWrapper 'servlet-class' attribute to 'myservlet'
d) Set any init parameters by editing 'servlet-parameters'. The way to
   do this is to have several lines containing:
   <paramname> <paramvalue>
   One for each parameter

You're all set !

Received on Wednesday, 26 March 1997 05:48:01 UTC