Add Resource anomaly

If I try to add a resource without putting the class file in the right
directory, I get a good error message:

<<The field class has an incorrect value:

Invalid class name: FancyResource. Check the name of the class for a typo,
and then, check your CLASSPATH variable.

Click here to continue.>>

I then move the class file to right directory, click "here" and click
Create again.  I now get a misleading error message:

<<Fill in the name of the extension, and the class that files having this
extension should be exported with.>>

Subsequent attempts elicit the same misleading message until I change the
class name, hit Create, get the good error message, then go back and change
the class name back to the desired value.

McKinley Systems
San Francisco

Received on Tuesday, 11 March 1997 23:06:25 UTC