Re: Can Jigsaw do this?

Ingo Macherius writes:
 > > >      1. Is it possible to post a homepage on the Intranet and keep REMOTE1 
 > > >      and REMOTE2 from viewing it? NAME doesn't want joint ventures to view 
 > > >      sensitive information but wants everyone else to have access.
 > [...]
 > > The disadvanatge is that you only have a general idea about who is accessing
 > > your server and you trust the security at REMOTE3 whom you trust to keep a
 > > user of REMOTE1 from using REMOTE3 to view your pages.
 > I experienced an unforseen quirk in a similar situation: 
 > REMOTE1 shared a (Squid) Cache with someone who was allowed to see the
 > pages. So the pages were spread trough the whole cache hierarchie, even if
 > no one was allowed to see them directly. So you should set up a "NoCache"
 > pragma. A malicious cache is able to ignore this, so beware ...

I fixed that bug in Jigsaw proxy recently (it's really an HTTP/1.0
bug, that is cleanly solved in HTTP/1.1, check the various attributes
of the GenericAuthFilter - private, public, etc).

BTW Jigsaw proxy does support ICP (proxy-to-proxy Squid protocol). As
of 1.0alpha5 it still has some bugs, I have spent the last couple days
"fixing" them.


Received on Wednesday, 12 March 1997 02:05:35 UTC