Re: Problems with GIF files on FileResource objects.

>      This is the problem I have of creating a fileresource and then 
>      assigning it one type of .GIF in it's attributes and then changing it 
>      to another type sometime later.  It doesn't show up when changed 
>      unless I delete the FileResource and then re-create it.
>      This is one of the only attribute inconsistencies I can find so far. 
>      does it have something to do with object persistence?

Using the editor to change the content-type of a FileResource immediately
changes the content-type that Jigsaw sends out to the browser. To make
absolutely sure Netscape isn't caching your page, exit it and restart.
Or better yet, telnet to your server and type in a HEAD request by hand.

However, editing the content-type of an extension template only
affects FileResources that are created after the change is made. Which
means that you either have to reindex the DirectoryResources
containing the FileResources whose content-type you want to change, or
edit their content-types by hand, or remove them and let the resource
factory recreate them with the new content-type when the next request
comes in.

Joe Futrelle
HTTP Server Development, Joule/Hacksaw Group
National Center for Supercomputing Applications
(217) 265-0296

Received on Wednesday, 5 March 1997 13:34:09 UTC