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From: Anselm Baird-Smith <abaird@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1996 11:06:12 +0500
Message-Id: <9606261506.AA11379@www18.w3.org>
To: Doug Marker <dmarker@zeta.org.au>
Cc: www-jigsaw@w3.org
Doug Marker writes:
 > Sadly I am missing something here. Having spent a couple of days trying everything and reading 
 > everyone's words carefully on the matter I still cannot even get a simple test.cmd (an OS/2 REXX 
 > script from my prior server) to execcute - the only thing I ever get is the source to the test.cmd 
 > sent to me.
 > I also tried my executable (a C pgm) abtcgil.exe but cannot get it to do anything.
 > What I am tripping up on is trying to realte this to my experience with my previous servers.
 > In them I could say that if http://www.myhost/cgi-bin/test.cmd?Fred=FREDDATA&Bill=BILLDATA
 > was received, that 'cgi-bin' could be mapped to 'y:\cgipgms\cgi-bin\'
 > Despite reading all the docs and tutorials etc: I have no idea how to get test.cmd to execute. I 
 > cannot figure out what will happen to the HTML it generates even when it does work. 
 > The steps I am going thru are :-
 > 1) I add a directory called cgi-bin (i.e. x:\Jigsaw\Jigsaw\WWW\cgi-bin
 > 2) I put 2 files in that directory a)=test.cmd (an os/2 script (rexx)) and b)=abtcgil.exe (a C pgm 
 > compiled for OS/2)
 > 3) I run http://www.myhost/Admin, select the editor to edit myhost/Admin/Editor/cgi-bin
 > 4) (I have not added cgi-bin as a DirectoryResource as I could see nothing saying I should ?)
 > 5) I then select AddingResources from the form presented in 3
 > 6) I add resource 'mycgitst' with class w3c.jigsaw.forms.CgiResource
 > 7) I go back by clicking ExistingResources and there is my new resource 'mycgitst', I click it
 > 8) I enter into the command: text box x:\Jigsaw\Jigsaw\WWW\cgi-bin\test.cmd and leave 
 > generates-form: true - then click ok
 > 9) I then try to access http://myhost/mycgitst - http://myhost/cgi-bin/mycgitst - 
 > http://myhost/cgi-bin/test.cmd etc: etc: etc: etc: (even tried adding cgi-bin as a 
 > DirectoryREsource.

This is really funny, at step 8 you could try exiting the server
(/Admin/Exit), then restarting it, and check that your CgiResource has
been saved properly, by looking at /Admin/Editor/cgi-bin/mycgitst. This
should indicate that the class of this resource is
w3c.jigsaw.forms.CgiResource (from what you tells, it looks that
this is not the case). 

Normally your script should be accessible as

Also, (I can't remember now), but be sure to leave an empty new line
right after the first command line (eg be sure to hit return after
entering the full path of the script and before clicking the Ok
button). This shouldn't impact anything, but Jigsaw is still in alpha
stage ;-)

 > My good judgement tells me I am doing the right thing - but perhaps missing a step somewhere.
 > I have tried shutting down the server (a few times) tried new browsers - but no results

The fact that Jigsaw is returning the text of your script seems to
indicate that your resource is a FileResource rather then a

 > Any advice will be most welcome but please make it step-by-step & so simple that a sales rep could 
 > understand it (a tough (perhaps impossible) request :-)

Yep, it 's my hope that with an Applet based interface and more
documentation, configuring Jigsaw is going to be so easy that even my
father will be able to do it (this one is a really tough request ;-)

Let me know how it goes...this should enable us to at least add a FAQ

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