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== Definition of "transcoder" ==
The definition of "transcoder" in the 2016-02-01 Editor's Draft (not 
obviously present in the TR version), contains the note phrase "... 
converts code units (generally bytes)...".   There are a number of 
historical two-byte CCSs whose code units are certainly not bytes.  If
 one were inclined to quibble, the code units for ASCII / ISO 646 are 
seven-bit objects and not bytes either.    Transcoders from stateful 
seven or eight bit systems, based on ISO 2022 or otherwise, may be 
converting bytes, but not only bytes.

Recommendation: drop the parenthetical note: it seems to be confusing,
 wrong for a lot of cases, and to not add anything helpful.   
Alternately, if there was some point intended by including it, that 
point should be made more clearly and explained.

See https://github.com/w3c/charmod-norm/issues/55
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