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On 25/01/2016 19:38, Jungshik SHIN (신정식) wrote:
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> wrote:
>     It may be useful to note, wrt the first, that we advise HTML content
>     authors to check the list in the Encoding spec because it "provides
>     a list that has been tested against actual browser implementations".
>     For Web platform development, this is therefore the most useful list
>     to choose from, since it take into account interoperability in
>     browsers. We do, however, also mention the IANA registry. (See
> Richard, the article you pointed to has the following about PUA:
>     The *x-user-defined* encoding is a single-byte encoding whose lower
>     half is ASCII and whose upper half is mapped into the Unicode
>     Private Use Area (PUA). Like the PUA in general, using this encoding
>     on the public Internet is best avoided because it damages
>     interoperability and long-term use.
> What do you think of adding a similar warning about PUA and Shift_JIS
> and GB18030? I'm rather disappointed that GB 18030 2005 still has a lot
> of PUA code points (after converting to Unicode) even though there are
> regular Unicode code points available. See
> (and
> : note that my
> comment about remapping in GB 18030:2005 turned out to be incorrect.
> Only one PUA codepoint was remapped to a regular code point between 2000
> and 2005).

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