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[charmod-norm] Definition of "Syntactic content" (section 1.4)

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Date: Thu, 04 Feb 2016 02:00:48 +0000
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== Definition of "Syntactic content" (section 1.4) ==
The text reads, in part, " For example, '<' or '>' are part of the 
syntactic content in an HTML document."  

First, that should probably either be "'<' and '>' are..." or  "'<' or
 '>' is...", I think the first.  Second and more important, while one 
can figure it out after reading the subsequent text, I believe that 
statement would be a lot more clear if it read:
" For example, '<' and '>' and the element name they typically 
surround are part of the syntactic content in an HTML document."  
(Drop "typically" if appropriate -- I can't think of exceptions.)
(Also note that, while '<' is (AFAICT) always syntactic content, '>' 
may sometimes just be part of the text.)

See https://github.com/w3c/charmod-norm/issues/56
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