More tests for dbl byte encodings in the Encoding spec

the page

now points to a lot more tests, with results for major browsers, for the 
double-byte encodings in the Encoding spec.

the tests are grouped as follows:

1 does the browser encode characters as expected per the Encoding spec 
when sending data with a form?

2 are characters that cannot be encoded using the Encoding spec 
algorithms handled as expected?

3 same as 1 for values constructed for an href attribute

4 same as 2 for href values

5 are the characters that can be encoded decoded per the spec? (in the 
case of euc-jp and big5, the characters tested include more than just 
those that can be encoded)

6 are non-conformant byte sequences encountered during decoding dealt 
with per the Encoding spec algorithms?

there is another page at

which shows the results for the latest nightlies (although a small 
number of tests in the other page haven't made it to this one yet)

next step is to analyse why the failures are occuring.

(The following app can be useful to diagnose the underlying issues )


Received on Wednesday, 9 December 2015 11:20:25 UTC