Re: [presentation-api] Possibility for a character to be interpreted differently depending on locale

Thanks @r12a, @aphillips and @duerst , that certainly helps 
understanding the issue at stake.

The messages that will go through the communication channels are 
entirely up to the application. We may add a note to recommend that 
authors flag strings with a BCP47 language code but won't be able to 
do more than that.

The main reason why the Second Screen WG is considering the ability to
 pass the language(s) to the receiver for use in the `accept-language`
 negotiation phase is not to solve the particular issue mentioned 
here, but indeed to allow the controller to specify the language it 
would want the content on the receiving side to appear in (e.g. to 
force the display of a page in French if the controller side is also 
in French.

My understanding is that, is such a mechanism is in place, it would 
also address the language-specific font selection issue that is at 
stake here: if the controlling side can tell the receiving side to 
override its language settings to Japanese before it downloads the 
content, the receiving side could also use that info to use a Japanese
 font as default font in the absence of other information.

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