Re: [presentation-api] Possibility for a character to be interpreted differently depending on locale

> My understanding is that, is such a mechanism is in place, it would 
also address the language-specific font selection issue that is at 
stake here: if the controlling side can tell the receiving side to 
override its language settings to Japanese before it downloads the 
content, the receiving side could also use that info to use a Japanese
 font as default font in the absence of other information.

i'm not sure that really follows. Suppose the language asked for is 
not available.  Usually the server would fall back to another 

Also, the accept-language data is set in the browser and is unlikely 
to be altered much of the time. In fact, in some browsers it's not 
possible to easily change it.  If you speak both Chinese and Japanese,
 say, and wanted to receive information in both languages from one 
time to the next, it would be a pain, if possible at all, to change 
the accept-language header depending on which language you wanted to 
read.  And if your accept-language setting was set to en but you still
 wanted to see the content properly rendered (as might be the case for
 someone like myself), you'd be back to the situation of pot-luck as 
to whether ideographic characters were married to the right font.  
This would also be the case for a Japanese/Chinese person looking up 
data in one of those languages in an internet cafe in the UK.

Thirdly, what about a situation where some of the data is in Japanese,
 and some in Chinese. Accept-language is too blunt an instrument to 
handle that at all.

Trying to use accept-language in this way seems to me rather like the 
proverb that if you only have a hammer everything looks like a nail.  
Accept-language is only meant to indicate language preferences, not 
interpret what to do with content.  I think that the data itself needs
 to identify the language of its content.

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