Re: [presentation-api] Possibility for a character to be interpreted differently depending on locale

The I18N WG is scheduled to discuss this tomorrow (12 November 2015) 
in our teleconference. 

I'll make a quick personal comment here, though. It is important not 
to confuse the presentation of a character with the interpretation or 
meaning of the character. The reverse solidus (backslash) character is
 one example. The differences between Simplified Chinese and 
Traditional or kanji forms is another. These are only differences in 
the shape of the character, however. You can still, for example, 
search for a \ in a document showing U+005C as a yen sign and find 
every occurrence.

Because the presentational variations (among other things) do matter, 
the ability to mark up documents and runs of text within documents 
with languages tags is something that the I18N WG recommends strongly.
 But this thread seems to be confusing the shape of the glyph with the
 processing that might be applied to the text.

I'm sure the working group will have additional comments. Stay tuned.

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