Re: [presentation-api] Possibility for a character to be interpreted differently depending on locale

The receiver could certainly set the lang= attribute on the 
presentation document to match a locale set by the sender.  However, 
if the server uses the `Accept-Language` value in the header as a 
signal for what document to serve (i.e. because strings are translated
 differently) then it would seem to make the problem worse.  For 
example, if the presentation were requested with:

Accept-Language: ja

and was marked up with:

<html lang="ko">

then the browser might choose a Korean font to render the Japanese 
content of the presentation.   I'm not an expert into how these 
interact, I can reach out to the Chromium community to get some 
clarification, or maybe @r12a can shed some light.

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Received on Wednesday, 11 November 2015 21:20:24 UTC