Re: [Encoding] Fixed Unicode statements [I18N-ACTION-337]

Hello Addison,

On 2014/08/29 04:18, Phillips, Addison wrote:
> Hi Ken and Asmus,
> Recently you helped us address the issue [0] of the Unicode "violation" statements in the Encoding [1] specification. Based on your recommendations/suggestions, the document has been changed and no longer says that it "violates" any Unicode requirements. The editor's copy that reflects our changes is at [2].
> The specific quotes still in the document now read:
> [Section 4.2]
> --
> This is a much simpler and more restrictive algorithm of mapping labels to encodings than section 1.4 of Unicode Technical Standard #22 prescribes, as that is found to be necessary to be compatible with deployed content.
> --
> [Section 14.2]
> --
> Checking for and using a byte order mark happens before an encoding to decode a byte stream is chosen, as seen in the decode algorithm, as is deemed more accurate than any label.
> --

I really had problems parsing this sentence. One problem is that two 
clauses start with "as". I suggest changing the connective for the 
second clause to "because", and maybe moving that clause to the start of 
the sentence. Other improvements might work too.

Also, unless this is clear from e.g. a link that's missing in the text 
version in this email, it would also be useful to be specific about 
whether the "decode algorithm" is something in the Unicode spec or in 
the encoding spec.

In addition, "before an encoding ... is chosen" looks problematic to me 
because 1) "checking and using a BOM" also actually may choose an 
encoding, and 2) because the "to encode a byte stream" makes the 
structure difficult to parse (my first (and second and third) parse was 
"checking ... happens before an encoding").

I suggest something along the lines of:
"A byte order mark has priority over an encoding label..."

Regards,   Martin.

> The W3C process requires that I get an indication that you are "satisfied" by our changes. Could you please reply to this email and indicate whether the changes in the document meet with your approval?
> Regards (for I18N),
> Addison
> [0]
> [1]
> [2]
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