Re: [css-text] I18N-ISSUE-308: Definition of 'grapheme cluster'

On 01/24/2014 10:15 AM, Phillips, Addison wrote:
> State:
>      OPEN WG comment
> Product:
>      CSS3-text
> Raised by:
>      Addison Phillips
> Opened on:
>      2013-12-06
> Description:
>      1. Section 1.3: The description of "grapheme cluster" feels abbreviated
>         and terse. Of particular concern to me is this sentence:
>      --
>      The UA may further tailor the definition as required by typographical tradition.
>      --
>      We think this could be clearer, perhaps by saying something similar to:
>      --
>      The UA may extend grapheme cluster boundaries as required by the typographical
>      traditions, as identified by the content's language. [See discussion of
>      "extended graphame cluster" in Section 3 of UAX#29]
>      --

The suggested text is not an improvement, it's worse:

   - Replacement of "tailor" with "extend" is incorrect, since sometimes
     (as in Thai) they are decomposed.

   - Tailorings do not always depend on the content language. They may
     depend on one or more of the following:
       - script
       - content language
       - font style
     and possibly
       - typesetting preferences, in cases where multiple options are
         considered valid and reasonable

Rejecting this comment as no change, since I think the dictionary
definition of "typographic tradition" is sufficiently precise.

Note that exact tailorings are out-of-scope for the CSS spec. If
a spec is needed, it should be requested as an expansion of UAX29.


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