RE: comments on Character Model for the World Wide Web: String Matching and Searching

Some minor comments on  

1.4. "delcaration" should be changed to "declaration".

2. "... do not supply Unicode normalization of the content being exchanged 
~or~ in their string matching algorithms ..." - 'or' likely should be 

2.1. "Each encoding scheme use*d* different byte values " -> probably 
"Each encoding scheme use*s* different byte values ".

"... each one is encoded ~slightly~ differently ..." . The word "slightly" 
doesn't seem to be needed: the differences (at least the notations) are 
not really slight in my opinion, also, what seems to be significant in the 
given context, is the very fact of existence of the differences.

2.2.1. "better match ~to~ user expectations " - > probably "better match 
user expectations "

2.3. "The process of making two texts*,* which differ in case but are 
otherwise "the same"*,* identical is called "casefolding". " - I think 
it's not clear right away that "identical" is coupled with "making" 
forming the phrase "making identical".
Commas would help it be more clear.

Best regards,
Lina Kemmel

Received on Tuesday, 24 June 2014 13:13:53 UTC