Re: New FAQ Article for review [I18N-ACTION-260]

* John Cowan wrote:
>Richard Ishida scripsit:
>> >Wouldn’t it be a good advice to always use the lang attribute on the
>> >elements that carry translate="no"? Though it would not be necessary in
>> >the original, it should be set in translation:
>> >
>> ><p>Klicken Sie auf Fortsetzen in der Statusanzeige oder die Taste
>> ><span class="panelmsg" translate="no" lang="en">CONTINUE</span>
>> >auf Ihrem Drucker.</p>
>> In theory that's right, but I'm not sure it's worth the detour into
>> that for this article.
>Expediency aside, is this even right?  It seems to me the very reason for
>setting translate to "no" is that this is *not* English text, despite
>appearances, but a language-independent token, like "creat" in discussions
>of Posix functions, or "background-color" in en-gb text explaining CSS.
>Since you want to suppress German spell-checking on it, the correct
>value of lang would be "", I think (or "zxx" if you are allergic to "").

The tokens you mention are primarily intended for consumption by the
computer, while the label on the printer is intended for humans. The
label is in the english language, not in some computer language.
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