Re: New FAQ Article for review [I18N-ACTION-260]

Bjoern Hoehrmann scripsit:

> >Expediency aside, is this even right?  It seems to me the very reason for
> >setting translate to "no" is that this is *not* English text, despite
> >appearances, but a language-independent token, like "creat" in discussions
> >of Posix functions, or "background-color" in en-gb text explaining CSS.
> >Since you want to suppress German spell-checking on it, the correct
> >value of lang would be "", I think (or "zxx" if you are allergic to "").
> The tokens you mention are primarily intended for consumption by the
> computer, while the label on the printer is intended for humans. The
> label is in the english language, not in some computer language.

Fair enough; I confess to not reading the context of the example
carefully.  However, I think my counterexamples show that adding the
source language mechanically is not always correct.  You might say
that "creat" should be tagged "zxx" already, but that is a counsel
of perfection.

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