Re: New FAQ Article for review [I18N-ACTION-260]

On 28/09/2013 10:59, Gunnar Bittersmann wrote:
> The HTML5 spec is linked to late in the article with the link title
> “lists attributes”. It could (should?) be linked to earlier. Make
> “introduced in HTML5” in the short answer a link as well. Maybe also
> “example in the HTML5 spec” (about the Bee Game).

Done (for the earliest link opportunity).

> <sup>1</sup> causes larger line spacing for that particular line,
> destroying the vertical rhythm. Don’t use sup mark-up, use ¹ or some
> other character like * instead.

Well there are other things that could be improved here. I've deferred 
it until later, since it doesn't affect the message.

> In “Metadata for the Multilingual Web - Usage Scenarios and
> Implementations”, use a dash, not a hyphen. I know there’s a hyphen in
> that article – it should be changed there as well. Christian, are you
> reading here?

Hmm. I had incorporated the title as it was, but I changed the hyphen to 
a dash anyway.


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