Re: [css-fonts-3] i18n-ISSUE-299: Cluster matching 1b

Richard Ishida scripsit:

> >Is this implying (though not stating, note), that the text should be
> >normalized so that the glyph for the canonically equivalent character
> >can be used? (I'm not sure that's a good idea.)
> >
> >Or is the meaning that if the font has a glyph for the precomposed
> >character that is canonically equivalent to the sequence of characters,
> >then that glyph should be used (without changing the sequence of
> >characters itself). That would seem to make more sense.

You are over-interpreting step 1.  Its sole purpose is to pick candidate
fonts, not to make decisions about rendering individual characters.
If a font either has the desired characters, or has a single character
that is canonically equivalent to the desired characters -- then it is a
candidate font, otherwise not.

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